Dr Swami and Bone Daddy

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Bone Daddy
Bone Daddy

Here is a sample of what people are saying about our Top-shelf Margarita Mix.

"We were staying at a friends house over the weekend and tried it-IT'S SCREAMIN!!!!!!!!!!!!! went and bought 2 bottles of it!!!!!!"

"Your product really is the best on the market by far all kidding aside....The masses are already to overwrought, and why should they add to their burdens by having to settle for second rate Margaritas.  Word must get out and let the common man drink like the God's , at the price of a mortal... Thanks again for making a great product and giving me one SWEET MARGARITA.  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"
Craig Hawley

"Bravo on your Margarita mix.  It's simply the best!  Please don't go away or my reputation as the margarita master is finished."

"Last night we took a bottle over to a friend's house in order to make margaritas before dinner. It was a great hit and you know have some new fans."

"It is without a doubt the best mix I have ever tasted.  The fresh ingredients are awesome."

"It is best pre-made margarita mix I have ever tasted and tastes freshly made.  I used to be a bartender and your mix is much better than anything we ever served in the bars I worked in.  I no longer have any reason to make my own margarita mix at home."
Torgny N

"At last! Your margarita mix is a realization of what one always *hopes* margaritas will taste like and never do."
Lindsey Harnish

Bone Daddy
Dr. Swami

Bone Daddy and Dr Swami Drink Mixes

margarita mix

Top Shelf Margarita Mix
Top Shelf Margarita Mix
Top Shelf Margarita Mix
Top Shelf Margarita Mix

Dr. Swami's Anti-Insanity Tonic
Way beyond prozac, this is as good as it gets. A perfect balance between natural sugars and tree-ripened lemon & lime juices. Real grapefruit pulp has been masterfully blended to enhance the citrus flavors.

This top-shelf margarita mix is clean and refreshing with a made-from-scratch taste! No artificial flavors and no chemical aftertaste. Delicious enough to transport you to the Isle of Nectars.

Bartenders, restaurant owners and margarita aficionados have written with praise for our Margarita Mix. Its probably because we take the time to carefully blend real lemon and lime juices then add just a touch of grapefruit. No artificial flavors or enhancements here - just pure, from scratch, Top-Shelf Margarita Mix.

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